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    Help - text and animation does not show

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello Forum,
      I have created a text object and converted it to a "Sprite"
      I have created a colored oval and converted it to a "Sprite" (F8)

      I would like the text to rotate around the outer edge of the oval.
      I put a key frame every 12 frames.

      I added the text symbol to the same layer as my oval, and grouped both symbols, thinking that if I transform this grouped object every 15 degrees (or so), I would get the text to appear as if it is rotating about the oval.

      I transform the grouped object on the timeline every 12 frames, and move it in each key frame, and then back to the top of the oval (a circle). If I run this in the timeline by pressing the "Enter" key, the text appears to rotate nicely around my colored oval. But... when I publish and play (Control/Enter), I see no text, but do see my circle.

      I am running at 12fps, with a stop at frame 84.

      What am I forgetting here???