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    Tagged content - Failed

    justinec36643761 Level 1

      Help. I have some elements showing up as 'Tagged content - Failed' in PDF Accessibility Checker. When I right-click to 'Show in Content Panel' I receive a message 'The selection was not found in the Content Panel'. The elements appear to be the tabbed spaces between a bullet point and text within a table. How do I fix this to make my document accessible?

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          Bevi Chagnon | PubCom Adobe Community Professional

          In case you haven't yet found the answer to this question..


          In the description of the error, it might be because there is untagged content in the PDF. Even invisible tabs and spaces must be tagged, either with a regular text tag or as an artifact.


          Two possible solutions (hopefully you have the latest DC:2018 version of Acrobat Pro which has better tools to do this):

          1. Add the untagged content back into the PDF, and then artifact it.
            1. From the TAG panel Options menu, select Find / Unmarked Content
            2. Then when it finds the unmarked content, give it a tag in the next screen. I usually use P and adjust later if necessary.
            3. Artifact either the P tag in the tag tree (right-click/tag are artifact), or use the Order Panel (select the item number in the Order tree, right-click, and tag as Background/Artifact).
          2. Artifact the missing content from the Order panel.
            1. From the ORDER panel Options menu, select Reading Order (or Touch Up Reading Order).
            2. With the crosshairs, select just the tab between the bullet and text. It will be highlighted with a blue outline.
            3. From the Reading Order panel, select Background/Artifact.
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            olafdruemmer Level 3

            If you are confident that the 'untagged content' is not actually carrying any meaningful or relevant content, you may also use Acrobat Preflight and run the fixup "Mark all non-structure elements as artifact" - it will wrap any content that does not yet belong to the tag tree in an Artifact marked content sequence. BUT please make sure you are not artifacting / excluding from the tag tree any content that IS relevant.

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