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    dragging a new mouth in?


      okay samuari video here states that moving a puppet element such as a mouth can be easily dragged into an existing puppet however never really clarifies how that is done. This is mentioned here What's New In Adobe Character Animator CC Beta (November 2016) - YouTube


      I have tried to play around with it to see what I can accomplish and when I drag a mouth.puppet around in the software it only seems like I can add it to a scene, not an existing puppet easily. I can add it in as a separate puppet in the scene (so now there are two puppets), but again, Im trying to just replace lets say a mouth on one puppet with another mouth (not really trying to make two puppets). The okay samurai video says this is easy and places a new mouth (already rigged) and so on. Does anyone know how? Thanks!


      Also, out of curiosity he shows a mouth and eyes template there and says theyre posted via the links below but for the life of me I cant find an eye template... he has a cool one built with eyes that the pupil get small and large with keyboard commands. Anyone know where these files are? thanks!