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    Refund of Adobe Photoshop


      Hi,  My first post here..


      I have purchased an Adobe Photoshop package which costs me £10 a month. For Photographers. I commenced the subscription in April this year and to date despite following numerous tutorials button click by button click I am yet to create anything in Photoshop. I understand layers but for what ever reason all of the tutorials I have followed on Youtube and 'official' Adobe tutorials have parts of the tutorial I cannot follow. I can go so far, with the tutorials until a tool bar is missing a button, or section or selection isn't possible as the tool isn't available to use, either in the drop down menu or in a side bar etc. Frustrating is an understatement as I have been left to make all my photographic editing in Apple's Photos app on my Mac. ( which is free and for me provides results ). I was hoping Photoshop would be a way to step up to a better end result. But it doesnt seem to be the case.  For example I want to crop a flower, create a white  back ground, add a drop shadow and feather the extreme edges of the flower, however no matter how I try I cannot find a way to do this. I know there are videos on this out there but after starting with a flower image I am unable to get any of what I am shown to be the correct tool bars or tabs/menu items available.  


      As an aside with the above in view would it be likely that Adobe would refund me for my last 6 months subscription ?  I have managed to Learn Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro X both Apple premium products, however they do have a good telephone support for their pro products and the software is far more user intuitive..


      Would appreciate any views on where to go with the above.



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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Rob,

          There are two parts to your question.

          1. A refund. My own view is that this is unlikely given that the Photography plan has a 12 month period. However, I and most other on this forum do not work for Adobe so whilst we can give an opinion, the only real way to get a definitive answer is to contact support.


          2. I, and others on this forum, can help you where you are struggling. If you are following a tutorial - make sure it is a recent one. Photoshop has changed and evolved over the years and CC2017 looks very different to early versions.


          If you post an image with a description of what you are trying to achieve we will try and give you some steps to take in order to achieve that.

          What you describe above involves masking the image above a new background layer and adding a shadow in layer effects. However how to approach the masking of the mask will depend on the image you are starting with.





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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            I suspect you're committed to a Photoshop and Lightroom 12 month subscription contract.


            Regarding the issues you mentioned, you may have an application corruption, first of all try resetting your Photoshop preferences, which you can do under the General tab in the Photoshop preferences.


            Regarding training, there are excellent  online video tutorials from Lynda.com (you can get a 30-day free trial), which tend to be more methodical than the ones you mentioned.


            And return to this friendly forum for further support with particular Photoshop issues.

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              robh21046457 Level 1

              Hi Derek,Dave


              Thank you both for taking the time to reply together you may just save me scrapping my subscription.. There's nothing worse than having a tool you could probably use to good effect but you lack a little knowledge in how to use it. I have taken what I feel to be pretty good content although often with undesirable backgrounds due to circumstances for example.


              My main issue is, if we go from the beginning if you like is when I drag a photo Ive taken into Photoshop there never really appears to be a consistent settings or template that appears each time. I have differing tabs, sidebars and toolbars open. And when I try and follow online tutorials I get as far as the point where one of the tutorial clicks on a tool or toolbar that is patently missing from my set up or template (?) I'm working on, hence at that point the lesson ends...


              I'd like to take up both your offers of help to get me up and running. First of all I will reset my photoshop preferences as you mentioned as a start point, then at least you both have an idea where I will be coming from. My next question is how should I import a PNG or JPG photo that I have taken on my camera, that I have copied to a folder on my Mac. Should I drag into Photoshop where it opens or is there a more correct way to import a photo ready for editing ?


              i will hace a look at Lynda.com ? 


              Thanks again both of you, and to all those in future who will no doubt help too.

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                robh21046457 Level 1


                So I have reset Photoshop Preferences as described and now just clicked and opened photoshop, is this showing the toolbars one would expect to see at this stage ?




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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional

                  Hi Rob

                  You can drag and drop, but starting of I would do one of the following:


                  Either :

                  From the Photoshop start screen click on the Open button. This will open the Mac Finder from which you can navigate to your image file.


                  or :

                  From the File menu - choose Open - this again will take you to the Mac finder



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                    robh21046457 Level 1

                    Will do Dave, first lesson learnt . I'll be back in a mo with my next question...



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                      davescm Adobe Community Professional

                      No problem.


                      The best way to get help is to start a new thread for each new issue/question , with a relevant title. That way anyone glancing down the list will spot it and jump in if they can help.



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                        robh21046457 Level 1

                        Thanks Dave, will do, thank you for he helping hand up  .  In fact I've just posted one now

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                          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                          It's important to understand that there is usually several different ways to do something in Photoshop (this can cause confusion for beginners!). For example if you have the Photoshop icon in the dock (you do, don't you?), you can drag an image onto the icon to open it in Photoshop.

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                            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                            By the way, there are several different workspaces that come as presets in Photoshop. And you can create your own workspaces. You'll find them in the drop-down menu top right of Photoshop. Its worth experimenting with these so you know how to select them, create them and reset them.

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                              robh21046457 Level 1

                              IM not sure I understand what you mean Derek, 'Workspaces" ? 


                              Thanks for replying by the way..

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                                robh21046457 Level 1

                                Do you mean as in a kind of template rule ?

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                                  robh21046457 Level 1

                                  Thanks Derek, very useful