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    TOO MANY ACTIVATIONS ON MY KOBO eReader via Adobe Digital Editions

    terryk46822472 Level 1

      I have owned a Kobo eReader for five months. It worked real good till about two months ago when I got messages telling me that I had gone over the licences allotted to my eReader. I also got a message telling me I was not authorised to download books.  I have reset the eReader and tried to download books from my local library but get nowhere.  The messages that I get are CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED. No permission to copy book and E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS. Under the settings on the eReader, under accounts my eReader states that the eReader is not authorised.  I re authorise the eReader and once again try to download books but cannot open them in the eReader.  I can read them on my PC.  I can get them onto the PC through Adobe Digital Editions but cannot move them to the eReader because of the licencing problem.  Anyone have a solution to this.