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    Ok im stumped - Liquid gold shape fill. Help!


      Hello everyone-


      Help! Im trying to do a logo restoration and am stumped on how to accomplish what I can only describe as a liquid gold/copper shape fill. The original logo was from years ago (see attached) and gives me very little to work with.

      cerno site logo.jpg

      I have played with using a gold gradient and then making manual adjustments with the bevel and emboss, shading, gloss, etc, but this is about the best I can come up with. After manually adjusting the bevel, emboss, gloss, structure size and soften, then I used the brush to paint detail ridges (mainly along the bottom swoosh) and applied the same effects.


      Am I on the right track with making those adjustments or is there an easier way to do all this? If it helps, this is not a downloaded text - all the letter are shapes I pen tooled from the original logo.


      Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 3.17.45 PM.png

      I would really appreciate any help you experts could give me!!


      Thanks much!!

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          mglush Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Nick,


          You are on the right track, and it looks like one of the problems you are coming up against is that the styles are not quite large enough to fill the letters to give you the edges and lights/shadows you are looking for.


          I played with a letter set in Linotext--not the same font, but it had some nice curves so I could give you some options.


          Here is an example of a metallic feel using the Bevel and Emboss settings in the Styles Dialog. The thing you can't see is the contour which gives it the metallic shine and reflective edge. See the next example to see what the letter looks like without contour, and then look at the third option to see the contour I used to get this effect.

          Bevel and Emboss.png

          This example below is what the Bevel and Emboss Style looks like without Contour applied. See the next example to see what contour I used to create the metallic effect above.


          Before contour.png



          (if you don't like the flat areas in the type increase the size slider in Bevel and Emboss).


          One other think I thought about is that if your type is too large for the Bevel and Emboss to be really effective, you might try cutting your letters in to halves and applying the effect to both halves of the letter.


          I hope this helps your creative process...Let me know how it works out!


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            nickm79451201 Level 1

            Yes that helped! I wanted to make sure I was going on the right path, so your information helped tremendously. Then it was just a matter of sitting down and playing with the adjustments until I got it right. Thank you so much!


            Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 1.14.38 PM.png

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              mglush Adobe Community Professional

              You are very welcome. It is looking good!