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    My PC vs my MAC


      Hi guys,


      I have a lot of questions for Adobe Premiere Pro, about Mac and PC performance.


      1 week ago, i bought a new super PC with awsome specs to finnaly realised that my new -super- PC is less performant than my old

      macbook pro (mid 2015 spec bellow)


      Can someone tell me the reason why in my Pc, Adobe Premiere Pro's stuff is not fluid like in the mac with FCPX or Adobe Premiere Pro?


      I was sure i make the good dicision to go with a PC but for now i regret my choice...


      any tips?


      Thank you guys






      PC SPECS:


      CPU : Ryzen 1800x with the Corsair Hydro series h110i

      GPU : GTX 1070

      RAM : 32Go DDR4 -2666 corsair LPX

      MB : MSI MB X370 SLI PLUS

      SSD1 : windows on 250Go samsung 850 evo    

      SSD2 : Premiere Pro file

      SSD3 : xxxxxx




      Retina 15 inch mid 2015,

      2.2 ghz Intel core I7

      16 Go -1600 DDr3

      GPU : Intel Iris Pro 1536 Mo


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          masai91 Level 1

          You can't compare FCPX performance on a Mac with Premiere on Windows. Final Cut is always gonna win because it's optimized on that specific hardware, plus they recently made a very good optimization for 4K editing.


          About Premiere on Mac and PC though I was also seeing little difference between my old 2012 mac and my PC which is not new, but definitely better than the mac. But in my case they are both slow, so the comparison is not that fair. I'm waiting for an answer too.

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            chrisw44157881 Level 4

            does it change speed if you disable h.264 acceleration? your old Intel Iris Pro 1536 Mo was probably doing a lot of heavy lifting for h.264.


            make sure your 1070 is being used in nvidia control panel always use premiere.exe for primary gfx, then enable cuda in premiere render.


            to optimize ryzen cpu's

            1. run either the "High Performance" or "Ryzen Balanced" power profile in Windows


            2. disable the HPET

            open up command prompt as an administrator and execute..

            C:\Windows\system32>bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

            after that, reboot.


            3. what is your cpu mhz?


            4. how many processes running in task manager? antivirus?

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              trystan Level 1



              I don't understand the -Premiere.exe for primary gfx-

              But i confirme that in Premiere Pro Cuda is activate!


              1. i will try this now

              2 same


              3. 3.7 ghz


              4. A lot of things but nothing big like exemple: Discord take 100mo RAM and 0.5% Processor...


              Thank you



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                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                Tuning is the key to successful Adobe Premiere Pro editing


                1.  Go to TASK Manager/Performance and tell us how many processes you actually have, like this:


                2.  Any purchased new computer needs to be tuned to turn off unnecessary programs and processes running in the backgtround that might only use a few cycles of CPU occasionally but just enough to cause missing frames. 


                3..Here is another graphic that shows my Startup tab also in Task Manager laptop loaded with many progams (Windows 8),

                Almost anything can have the startup Disabled as if you need one during usage it may just take a second of two to startup.

                4.  Also have you disabled indexing on your SSD's?

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                  trystan Level 1



                  Question1: 175 Processus


                  i look at all my startup and all are good i think...


                  4. What is indexing on ssd?


                  Thank you

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                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                    trystan  wrote




                    Question1: 175 Processus  Kill 100 of those and you will have a decent editing computer.


                    i look at all my startup and all are good i think...  Are most disabled?


                    4. What is indexing on ssd? 

                    Remove the checkmark on both options and both drives;


                    For help tuning this guide is slightly out of date but just use it as a guide

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