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    Lightroom mobile trial version expired


      I'm sorry for my poor English but I'm Dutch and I am a real amature, don't know much about Photoshop.


      In September 2015 we got married and we had a holidays on Iceland.

      After our holidays I wanted to edit our pictyures taken there by myself.

      A friend recommended me Lightroom.

      I bought Adobe Lightroom for my desktop (in a shop) and registered it online.

      I edited my pictures and I was really satisfied.

      Then I found out that there is an option to have these pictures on my phone too.

      I downloaded the app for Lightroom on my Iphone and I received a trial-version.

      I synchronized my desktop pictures with my Phone and I could see the pictures on my Phone now, perfect!

      To change the trial version into a full version I needed a subscription on Creative Clouds.

      So I made a subscription on Creative Clouds and since 15 November 2015 I am paying 15.99 Euro every month.

      After some time the synchronizing between my desktop and Phone failed.

      I don't use Lightroom very much but everytime I used it I tried to fix the connection between my desktop and Phone.

      I tried it severall times last year but every time it failed.

      Now I get the message that the Lightroom mobile trial version is expired .....

      Yesterday I had some more time and contacted the customer support (chat).

      They took over my computer and told me that Lightroom was working normal.

      I told her that the desktop version is not the problem but that the connection between my desktop and my mobile true Creative Clouds was the problem.

      She couldn't help me further and adviced me to use the forum.

      So now I am here waiting for somebody to help me.


      Gerben from Holland


      PS: I just found out that since November 2016 I am paying 19.99 euro's a month. So in total I paid already 391.78 euro's for something that is not working!