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    HTTPService request problem

      I've faced a problem with HTTPService. I want to send a parameter with a <request> markup to the jsp page and get data based on this parameter. The service populate an ArrayCollection.
      I've used a button to execute the httpserv.send() method but it doesn't work as I want it to.
      The problem is, proper data appears after the second click on the button. After the first click, ArrayCollection doesn't populate, after second it populates right. The same thing happens with changing parameter - after change and click, array is still populated with the data representing previous prameter. After second click, everything show as it should. Another parameter change works the same.
      Any ideas how to get data AFTER sending request? HttpService code below.
      Thanks in advance.

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      url=" http://.../getPermissions.jsp"
      result="permissionsArray=ArrayCollection(getPermissions.lastResult.permissions.permission );"
      <mx:request xmlns="">