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    Deactivate CS3 is greyed out


      My software is advising me I now only have 3 days to reactivate. i have searched and found that because CS3 is older it no longer allows you to reactivate. You need to to either become a new subscriber and pay monthly or you can download CS3 from Adobe links and you won't be asked to "reactivate" again.


      Yesterday I uninstalled all my programs and reinstalled through the links provided, but it didnt work. It still is saying I only have 3 days to use my software that I paid over 1000$ for (granted I've had it a while..but still..it's mine I paid for it and should be able to keep using it without having to deal with these sorts of interruptions)


      I've been trying to figure out why it keeps giving me this and I believe it's because it won't deactivate on my computer. The deactivate link is completely greyed out. I do not have anything like a volume license. I bought this myself and it's just been used on one computer at a time without ever having an issue before.


      I've searched and tried to try deactivating from every CS3 program - all show greyed out and I can't deactivate.


      Could someone please help me as I am at a loss and need access to my programs without interruption.


      Thank you,