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    responsive resizing of overlapping objects

    Fritz Hansen Level 1

      Here's what I'm trying to do. I have an image filling the browser window. I want to put images on top of that but with a white rectangle behind them that has a transparency applied to it so the browser fill image is slightly visible through the rectangle but keeping the image on top within the white rectangle so the browser image doesn't interfere with the top image. So far, I have that, but the two rectangles (white and top image) are not the same proportions (e.g., a long rectangle with a square on top), so when the browser window gets smaller, the image on top starts to bleed off the bottom of the white rectangle behind it. There's also a text box next to the image describing the image. I understand text doesn't resize, but is there a way to get the image and the backing rectangle to resize as a single item so the square stays in the same position and proportional size with the rectangle (so the top image stays completely within the white rectangle)? I tried grouping them, but that didn't have any effect.


      Muse 2017.1

      Mac OS 10.12.6

      iMac 27" late 2015