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    How can i create the 'Non-see-through brush' when brushes overlap !!!


      Hi, guys. I'm web comic artist in South Korea. I really need your help. I need your advice.

      (I'm grateful for your advice about my previous discussion, but i guess i wrote it hard to understand problem. So i rewrite.)


      I created a brush. It's  something  wrong.


      Draw the line and make a new layer below.

      fill the color inside line using the paint.

      and then I merged two layers.

      (Two layer were Normal, Opacity 100% ,Fill 100%)

      (Brush was Normal, Opacity 100%)

      (Paint was Normal, Opacity 100%)

      (Merged Layer was Normal, Opacity 100%, Fill 100%)

      (Color was purple.)


      Made the brush, and used it.

      But they are see-through each other like controlled the opacity.

      (I made one layer(name is A), and used my brush clicked twice in A layer. That layer was normal, opacity 100%, fill 100%)





      Clearly, I filled solid color inside line.

      But how does it see-through...





      삭제2 사본.png




      I know non-see-through when i create the brush filling black color inside line.



      But my brush is flower, there are details inside the outline. If i fill it black color, can't see the details.

      Even though the brush color is not purple, it's OK.

      Must show details, must non-see-through when brushes overlap without separating the layers...............



      How can i do..