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    Missing Keywords / Translation wrong




      I happened to be on the normal view of one of my pictures as a non-logged-in user. I noticed that some very important keywords suddenly were missing. When I checked in the provider portal, all keywords were listed there. In the example, the word "writing" (german: schreiben) is missing, which is probably one of the most important. When I look at the keywords, it looks as if the German words (I often enter the keywords in German, because my vocabulary there is larger) was first translated into English and then translated back into German. And then mistakes happened. How can that be? And directly connected the question: What is Adobe Stock actually prefering? Or what is more recommendable? If you enter your keywords in English?


      Thank you and many greetings Matthias


      To show what I mean:


      Normal view:




      Contributor view:



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          MatHayward Adobe Employee

          It's important to only add keywords in the language you have selected in the portal. If you indicate you are writing in English and add German keywords they will be eliminated. Based on the screen shots you shared you are doing it properly. I'm not aware of one language being preferred over another. The system translator needs to recognize the word in order for it to be an effective keyword regardless of the language. If the word is not recognized it will not work as a keyword.


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          Mat Hayward

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