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    Recording a Lotus Notes Application

      I have a corporate tool I need to create a training simulation for. This tool is a Lotus Notes database - not my favorite thing to work with, but I really have little choice. As I begin to record the software simulation, I get about eight or nine screen shots into it - and the Lotus Notes program freezes, complete with an NSD error message.

      I've tried all four modes, and have had the same issue on all of them. Anyone else had this experience? If so, have you found any solutions or work-arounds? I'd hate to think I'll have to piece this together in eight-shot segments.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Brian

          One possible workaround is to set the application up on a different PC than the one with Captivate. Then establish a Remote Desktop connection where you remotely operate the application from the PC with Captivate. Then launch Captivate and record the remote desktop.

          Cheers... Rick