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    Newbie questions about project setup


      I'm new to both Flex and Flashand I have some quick questions:

      1. When doing a run or debug from inside the Flex IDE it opens IE. Can I get it to open Firefox instead?

      2. The auto generated "index.template.html" (for a actionscript 3 project) contains alot of varibales on the form ${var-name} that get translated to values when the project is built. Can I change the default values of these variables somewhere? I was looking in the run/debug configurations but found nothing there.

      3. When running an actionscript project trace("..") ; does not get logged in the console in the Flex IDE but it works in debug?

      4. When running/debugging a actionscript project with the default html-template the page that opens in IE has a Flash application that takes up the whole page. What is the best way to control how much of the html page it takes up? Putting it in a <div>-tag and using CSS? Or manipulating the properties width/height/align for the <embed>-tag and the <object>-tag?

      5. As I siad in 4 the flash player takes up the whole html page when running/debuggin with the default html-template. But if I create a new sprite that draw a shape of a rectangle with the width = 100 and height =100 and place it at x=0, y=0., it is draw at the top of the y-axis but more to the middle of the x-axis. I expected it to be drawn at the top-left pixel of the html-page?