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    edit 4k micro 1700x or intel i7 7700k? gtx 1050ti, gtx1060 6gigas or rx580 8gigas?

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      Hello, contact me to make an appointment in case you can help me. I need a PC to edit with Adobe premiere. Performed assembly and color correction for feature film. I do not do vfx. And I need PC to edit in 4k blackmagic camera files. Which micro is better to edit in 4k in adobe premiere and do color correction. Intel i7 7700k or amd ryzen 1700x? I am mainly interested in knowing which one has the best performance for playback. I'm not interested in the difference in render time. Or do any of these micros work? With regard to video card what is it minimally needed? Gtx 1050ti, gtx 1060 or rx580? My budget is adjusted. Sorry for the inconvenience. regards