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    Camera not working

      I'm having problems getting my camera to work. (I'm using the built-in one on my MacBook Pro.)

      I tried to write my own test first, based on the Camera example code. I get the security dialog about allowing access to my camera, and I choose Allow, of course. After that, I get a Camera status event which says CameraUnmuted, but I never receive any Camera activity events. So it seems to me like the camera is recognized, but it isn't sending any information.

      To test my sanity, I also tried some other people's code. I copied this code: http://blog.flexexamples.com/2008/01/22/detecting-changes-in-a-cameras-activity-and-status -in-a-flex-videodisplay-control/ into my own project, and got the same results (good status, no activity, picture remained black).

      I also found another website that was running similar code and had the same results, but I can't find that URL anymore.

      Does anyone have any ideas?