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    Keyboard shortcuts do not work in Adobe Photoshop CC even after troubleshooting all steps listed on the help page


      Hello Adobe,


      My keyboard shortcuts do not work in Adobe Photoshop CC. This is very strange because I installed Photoshop after a clean install of Windows 10.
      Keyboards shortcuts work fine in all other software. Even other adobe apps like After Effects for instance.


      Strange is also that when I try to custom edit the hotkey shortcuts, for instance change ''CTRL-Z'' to ''P'' I cannot do that. It doesn't register the key at all. They keys that it does register are ENTER and SPACE.


      I went through the following:
      - Resetting the Photoshop preference file.

      - Reinstalling Photoshop
      - Installing a lower version like CS6 (The problem was here aswell).
      - Quit all other applications
      - Start from windows safe mode
      - Delete the wacom driver.


      I don't know what I should do next. Any solution?