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    Having issues with my Walk Cycle

    blazemoneyy Level 1

      Hey Dave and the Adobe Community,


      Wanted to see if you could take a look at this puppet?  I'm having issues with the walk cycle and I know it's because it's a cat that walks on all fours.  I tried the hack with added walk cycles to the front arms and tagging them as legs.  It does work walking to the right but when you walk to the left the front legs aren't moving correctly.  As well as it warps my character a bit and makes it walk upright a bit.  I understand that the walk cycle isn't optimized for four limbs like this but was wondering if there was any work around or hack to make it happen without having to record frame by frame.  Also for some reason my eyes stopped working.  The pupils don't follow me and they don't blink anymore.  It was working perfect until i added the walk sequence and made the left profile and right profile groups for making a more dynamic walk. 


      Really hope you can take a look at this.  Any sort of insight would help.


      Lulu.puppet - Google Drive


      Thanks everyone,


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          The legs look for waist and hip tags on the body group to help understand how they will bend. Right now it looks like you only have hip tags, and they're on the profile groups instead of the body. Try removing those and adding hip and waist-tagged handles to the body group instead, and then try dragging those around to a few different positions to see if it makes the effect better. Acquavella on http://okaysamurai.com/puppets/ is the closest example I can think of to look at as a guide for how his hip and waist handles are placed.


          For the eyes not working, I think it's a conflict with the head turner and the walk - they're all competing with the same tags, and the face is getting lost in translation. I think it's probably a matter of an extra tag somewhere - check out Maddie at http://adobe.com/go/chexamples - who has head turns and walking, if you follow her lead I think you'll be fine. Just go through each view and make sure your tagging / behaviors are the same.

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            blazemoneyy Level 1

            Hey Dave,


            So you were right on the money, had to add the waist tag and move the other tag to the body group.  I had added the waist tag before but I didn't move it around enough.  Once I figure out the right spot it seems to be working.  I ended up going back starting fresh and re-tagging everything.  So everything seems to be working fine eye's, walking, head turning and all.  Only thing I have to tell you is I keep getting this error message when I open the program.  It deletes all my work.  It will erase all the tags and everything.  I keep having to go back and redo everything.  This just started recently about a week ago.  Don't know if there's anyone else having the same issue.  I haven't updated or done anything different on my end.  This is coming out of the blue to me.  Is there a Character Animator update or something I missed?


            Well can't thank you enough for your help.  I really appreciate it.




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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              That error seems like a bug. Are you seeing it randomly, or after making edits to the original artwork? The most common reason that rigging gets removed is when structural/renaming changes happen in the master artwork. But if it's happening outside of that, that's really strange - can you post the error message here?

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                blazemoneyy Level 1

                I can't remember when it has happened so I've been trying to watch that more closely now.  If it pops up again I will definitely take a screen shot.  Thanks again for all your help.

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                  samsonuik Level 1

                  For the face add the behaviors of to the heads of each profile manually.


                  Add face and eye gaze behaviours to each head group