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    Lightroom Mobile Sync with NAS




      I have a question.


      I store all my Pictures on WD mycloud NAS and i editing the Pictures on my IMAC with Lightroom CC.


      Now i tryed the lightroom mobile app on my Ipad Pro. This works very nice.


      Is it posible to Export the Pictures from Lighroom Mobile to my NAS without the IMAC. Because for me is the IPAD PRO enought, so i would like to sell my IMAC.


      Can anybody help me?

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          I guess it is possible but very inconvenient. From my understanding you have to save edits to Apple‘s Camera Roll which you could then export to a NAS. I still cannot understand, why Adobe does not offer a decent NAS integration with any of the wellknown brands. This could solve so many problems as for instance backups, slow sync between Lightroom mobile and Lightroom classic, Library access from Smart TVs etc..

          Assuming, I am not the only monthly paying customer with this feature request I would like to know, why there is indecent NAS integration?