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    Flash Player "End of life" 2020


      I have been reading about Adobe's plan to "kill Flash" in 2020, but am slightly confused as to what it means. Every article I've read seems to only talk about the web Flash Player. Is this the only thing which is being discontinued? Or does Adobe plan to completely discontinue the .swf file format?


      My work requires me to create projects and publish them in .swf, they're then included in presentations using 3rd party software and used for educational purposes. I believe the end result is contained in a .exe file so that the presenters don't require any version of Flash Player. But the presentations are never deployed on the web.


      Does anyone know the specifics of what will and won't be supported after 2020? Ie, is it just the web player? Or will the desktop version of the player be discontinued as well? Or even worse, will Animate no longer allow publication in the .swf file format?