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    pitfalls with sendAndLoad with LoadVars

      I'm working on a flash as2 - PHP project that uses sendAndLoad with LoadVars. I feel like I'm getting inconsistent results. I have PHP pages that do different sorts of database calls and logic, but in the end output the same result (like &sent=ok ). If you access these different pages with an html form you can see nothing is wrong. But if you try hitting these different pages using the same LoadVars - sendAndLoad code, one page works and the next one doesn't.

      Are there any pitfalls I should be on the lookout for? I'm going to try to set the PHP pages so they are looking for $Get instead of $Post.

      I don't think I have the option to switch to xmlLoad on this project - that seems to be preferred.

      Any insight on pitfalls on this subject would be appreciated.