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    Place 'Insert HTML' Block inside slider?


      I've been working on an e-commerce site for some time now, making good progress.


      I have implemented the e-commerce functionality via Ecwid, combined with j-26's paid Ecwid for Muse Widget, everything works as it should - awesome!


      My issue lies in creating a 'Featured Products' slider at the bottom of my homepage. When setting products up in the Ecwid Dashboard (at my.ecwid.com) there is an option to 'Embed Products' via the product input page, it's pretty straight forward - you select the desired options; price, image etc and Ecwid generates a block of HTML code for you to then embed into your website.


      I have used this feature to try and create a "feature Products" slider - by going: Object > Insert HTML, works perfectly. The product is now embedded on the page, however the issue arrises when I then attempt to place said HTML Element into a slider. I'm currently using MuseGain's GeniusSlider, it will let me place the various embedded products (remember, this was achieved through Object > Insert HTML) inside the slider and within Muse everything seems to work as it should, when I click on the secondary trigger, the slide changes to the next and now no embedded products are visible (intentional at this stage, when I get it working I will have three slides, with three embedded products in each).


      I should note that everything functions as it should in Design Mode within Muse, however when I 'Preview page in browser' I'm met with an error code reading:


      "JavaScript exception: Error calling selector function: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'a._fstp$Clip[0][q]')"


      and the preview simply doesn't load. I've tried a few different sliders and each result in the same issue, is there any way to resolve this? or are there any slider widgets currently available that allow you insert HTML Objects into the individual slides?It's baffling me cause it seems to work perfectly in design mode, yet doesn't;t want to work in any other mode, including Preview within Muse and both "Preview page in browser" and "Preview site in browser".


      Any help would be very much appreciated, always sucks to have something appear to work in Muse and then  in actuality it doesn't work outside of Muse.


      Thanks in advance!