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    CF9.0.2 gets a startup error "Unable to initialize Client Storage service" using Java 1.7.0_151

    ianRG Level 1

      We applied the APSB14-23_FIX, which contains the hf902-00007.jar, and appears to be the latest CF9.0.2 update from Adobe.


      The CF server runs with that update under Java 1.7.0_55, but when we try to repoint to using Java 1.7.0_151, we get the Client Storage error, and even though the server does start, any request fails due to lack of availability of client scope variables.


      Our Version: 9,0,2,282541



      "Information","main","08/28/17","08:41:52",,"Starting client..." "Error","main","08/28/17","08:41:53",,"Unable to initialize Client Storage service:


      My suspicion is that CF9 is not compatible with the java 155 release, but since it is in the '1.7. series, that ought not to be the case.


      Has anyone else seen this error, and were they able to resolve it?






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