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    A problem with Adobe Digital Editions


      Hello, I am Guglielmo Caccamo, and I am italian.


      Years ago, I have bought an ebook by an Italian editor and I have read it with Adobe Digital Editions, with an account that now it does not exist.

      In fact, on 20 August 2017, by chat, I have requested the deletion of this my Adobe ID account because I have others accounts Adobe ID.

      And the ebook, as I have just sayed, was associated to the account Adobe that now does not exist.


      The problem is that I want to read this ebook with another my Adobe ID account, with Adobe Digital Editions.

      So, I have re-downloaded the ebook from my personal page of the editor, but when I try to open it with Adobe Digital Editions, that is associated with my Adobe ID account (not with the account that has been deleted), appears the message:



      But the " another user " has been deleted and now it does not exist !

      So, why the ebook is still associated with the old deleted Adobe ID account ?

      Why is not possible to re-associate the ebook with another Adobe ID account ?

      After the deletion of the old Adobe ID account, why the ebook is still associated with this deleted Adobe ID account ?


      What should I do to solve this problem ?

      I have already contacted Adobe.com support by chat, and it is no possible to have reply because there is no assistance for Adobe Digital Editions and for this my problem.


      On this forum, I hope that I will receive a reply.

      Thank you very much for your support and assistance !

      Thank you for your attention !

      Best regards and good work.



      Please, you can reply to this forum, not by e-mail. Thank you .



      Guglielmo Caccamo.