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    Cairngorm events dispatch problem

    olegkon Level 1

      We are developing a Flex 3 AIR application on Cairngorm and LCDS 2.6. The problem is some Cairngorm events don't get fired which results in null reference errors. But when we put an Alert is starts working. Can you suggest any solution and reason why its happening.

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          anirudhs Level 2

          A simple sample code which can reproduce your errors will be helpful in diagnosis.

          P.S: If you're wondering if Cairngorm has some AIR specific problem of not firing certain events, I can assure you there are none. I've used AIR with Cairngorm for quite a lot of projects without any issues.
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            JasonMH Level 1
            One thing that will cause events to appear not to fire is when you forget to instantiate your controller somewhere on your mxml file. The events will dispatch, but the command won't get executed.

            Another one - if you create custom events and override the constructor, you have to to call super(MyController.EVENT_TYPE) or else your event doesn't get bound to the command.