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    Scratch disks / After freeing space on disk, still not working


      I had a error saying the scratch disks are full not working or something. So I removed a lot of files and got to 100gb  of free space on the computer.

      the error is gone but the type tool still does not work and photoshop still very slow

      can someone help me asap? I need work done and I can not work now

      Kind regards

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          ahmed_waheib Level 2

          If you can open Photoshop, check to see what hard drive is set up as your Photoshop scratch disk. To do this, go to Photoshop > Preferences > Performance. Then look under Scratch Disks to see which one you are using and how much.



          Option 1: Delete some files

          If your scratch disk is very full (or the free space is low), try deleting some unwanted files from the drive.


          Option 2: Delete temp files

          Search your computer for temporary files. These files are typically named ~PST####.tmp on Windows and Temp#### on Macintosh, where #### is a series of numbers. These are safe to delete.


          If your photoshop is not opening you can use the shortcut to fix that: Hold down CTRL+ALT(PC) / CMD+OPTION(Mac) as soon as Photoshop starts you will get a menu to select another disk with more room.