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    CF 7 clients purge not working

      I've a problem with my CF7, my clients purge is not working like it's suppose to be every 1hour and 7 m inutes so my registry is filling it up.

      can anyone help me?
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          Stephen D. [Adobe] Adobe Employee
          It's example 6 on the thread dump article. Technote 18339

          The registry is not a database and anything > 10,000 records will hang as the code serially goes through and deletes. My guess is the process thread trying to do the query into the registry (and purge) is dying and it never does the deletes.

          This template will tell you how many records you have:(I believe it works for 7.x as well)

          <cfset start = GetTickCount()>
          <cfregistry action="GETALL" branch="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Macromedia\ColdFusion\CurrentVersion\Clients\"
          <!--- <cfdump var="#q1#"> --->
          <cfcatch type="coldfusion.tagext.lang.RegistryException">no clients <br></cfcatch>
          <CFOUTPUT>Records: #q1.recordcount#</CFOUTPUT><BR>
          <cfoutput>elapsed: #GetTickCount() - start#ms<br></cfoutput>

          It's not a good idea to use Registry on production systems. CF7 even gives you a warning in the logs after 10,000 records is reached (but only once) Switch to database as soon as possible.