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    Portfolio visibility issue



      I used to have quite stable sales until August. However, upon changing the price of sale price on some of my best sellers, my sales dropped off like a cliff! Even after changing the price back to original, my sales haven't recovered.

      I know the summer time can be a slower time for stock sales. However, looking at my ever-dropping rank etc. I am wondering if my portfolio is getting visibility from customers or something happened that caused my portfolio to become largely invisible to customers.

      I would appreciate your help in looking into this issue.


      Fotolia/Adobe Stock ID: shoenberg3

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You will probably get a faster response in the Stock Contributor forum.


          But is it in Fotolia or Stock you are seeing the drop? I don't think you can even change the price on Adobe Stock?


          Adobe Stock Contributors

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            shoenberg3 Level 1

            Dear Brad:

            Thank you for the response.
            I have changed the prices on Fotolia, as that's where I originally uploaded my photographs.

            AFAIK after the merge, the photos are supposed to be seen in both Fotolia and Adobe Stock. It's hard to tell from which agency the drop is more severe (because they are all reported to me in the same way). My feeling is that it's both..



            Thank you for your help

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              amrousr58217061 Level 4

              Des chutes drastiques des ventes depuis le passage de fotolia chez adobe, les gains ont chutés de moitié et parfois plus... au même titre que la visibilité ...pourquoi? nul ne le sait...

              est-ce le début de la fin!  qui sait?

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                MatHayward Adobe Employee

                I have already responded to your other thread about the same issue. You have less than 140 files in your portfolio with only 60 images uploaded in the last 6 months. You will need to increase your level of production to find an increase in sales. I checked your stats and the fluctuations are very small considering the size of your portfolio. I expect with a bit of effort you will find an increase in sales fairly quickly.


                Kind regards,


                Mat Hayward

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