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    Retouching in Photoshop

    Afterimage Level 1

      To retouch (heal or clone) I put a blank layer above the background or copy of background. I retouch on that blank layer. This works great normally. However, I did a retouch of an image in PS and saved it to LR. In LR the blacks in the image were flat and the retouching spots showed up.


      What could have gone wrong?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          There are compatibility issues between Photoshop and Lighrroom.  Lighrroom does not support layers so lightroom can only use the composite layer saver in layered Photoshop saved files if it exists.  Make sure you save a composite view when you save  layered files iusing Photoshop so Lightroom can use the saved image file cpmposite view.

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            Afterimage Level 1

            I do not know what a composite layer is. I have been using LR & PS for years and closing PS layered images to LR with no issues. What I now believe is the issue is you have to make any changes to a smart object by double clicking and using the PSB file for changes. The only problem with that is that the PSB reflects the original and not any adjustments made to the file.

            With this particular image only, when I close it out to LR the retouching spots show and the image does not reflect what was in PS.

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional


              Can you see a difference between the image at 100% zoom in Photoshop and the image in Lightroom.


              If so can you show a couple of screenshots, including the layers panel and showing the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom


              The composite layer that JJMack referred to is automatically generated when you save a PSD with "Maximise PSD and PSB File Compatibility - Always" checked in Photoshop Preferences File Handling . Lightroom advises to check that setting in Photoshop.




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                davescm Adobe Community Professional

                I see the difference in the screenshots, however - do you still see it at 100% zoom (those screenshots are at 25% zoom)?

                The reason I ask is that at zoom levels less than 66.7% Photoshop blends using previews in order to speed up rendering. In most images that does not make any difference but in some it shows.



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                  Afterimage Level 1

                  No difference at 100%