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    Dynamic stamp with acro dialog

    arvindkumar7 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have created a stamp acrobat custom dialog containing a few fields. All works fine when I use the stamp first time but as I choose it again and put on document dialog does not appear for input.


      I have many old stamps created in past. Those all also having same issue is there any issue with the code or problem with Acrobat DC. I remember all was fine with acrobat 11.


      Please help.  Stamp triggering code is below.


      if (event.source && event.source.forReal && event.source.stampName == "#vw3mBZoIDLu-YhiEXZcuvA") {

          if ("ok" == oDlg1.DoDialog()) {

        var   cMsg = oDlg1.sACC_No ;

              event.value = cMsg  ;

      event.source.source.info.DocumentState = cMsg;