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    Price and numbers of users




      I have two questions that can hopefully be answered:


      1 - The Photography plan costs only 9.99 a month and includes Lightroom and Photoshop, while the single app plan costs 19.99. If I want just Photoshop, why would I pick the single app when I can buy the Photography plan? Is there something I'm missing there? Is Photoshop on both plans, different from each other?


      2 - I read somewhere that I can install for example photoshop in 2 computers with only one account, but can only use one at a time. Since there's no need to be connected to the internet in order to work, who does that work? If I install Photoshop on my 2 computers and want to work on both at the same time without being connected to the internet, I will still be able to work with them. Can someone explain how this works?


      Thank you

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. no one in their right mind would select ps single app or lr single app.2.

          2. you can install on an unlimited number of computers.  the only limitation is you can sign-in and therefore start your cc programs on, at most, two computers at any one time.  that's not a significant limitation for internet connected computers.

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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            1. There are the tiniest of differences between the Photography Plan (PS+LR) and Photoshop Single App
              Differences between Photoshop and Creative Cloud Photography Programs
              Photoshop is identical in each plan. You're right in that it's very confusing why you pay half the price and get twice the software.
              If you can live without 20GB of Adobe Cloud storage (most people can because Adobe Cloud storage is not worth the effort for most people and you cannot pay for extra storage if you need it. You're better off with Dropbox or similar) then go for the Photography Plan. I bet almost everyone weighing this up goes for PS+LR. You don't have to use PS or LR if you only want one or the other of them.

            2. Use the software however you like but beware that you have knowingly signed up to the license conditions. It's up to you to abide by them. There are some technical smarts built into the software by Adobe to enforce the license conditions (e.g. periodic activation checks, sometimes the software will prevent you opening two instances at the same time, sometimes it won't). But sometimes you can circumvent those license conditions and run the same software on two computers at the same time. Other times you cannot e.g. perhaps if they're on the same network. Just bear in mind that you've signed up to the license conditions and it's up to you to honour them.
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