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    It seems when rotating bitmaps the result is often fuzzy, it never used to be like this.

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      I have used Photoshop for many years and up until recently, I could edit a part of a bitmap, rotate it or shrink whatever, then as I press enter to complete, Photoshop would quickly 're-render' that changed item, and make it visually good quality - comparable to the original item before rotation whatever.  However recently this final "re-render" doesn't occur and edited objects are pixilated and blurred.   Unless .. I convert to a smart object first, then rotate etc, then when I finish that PS renders it as good quality again, just as the original behaviour, and so it looks much better.



      Basically on any edit/rotate/resize of bitmap I want it to always re-render and produce the best result it can.  Now it doesn't do that unless I convert to smart object first, always, very annoying as it's many 100s of extra steps during working on something..


      Did something change in settings or in the way photoshop works?  Or am I missing something?