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    yenelli Level 1
      I'm a bit frustrated with the Adobe RoboHelp forums; my searches for answers to my import issued from Word 2007 to RH HTML 7.0 have yielded "sorry for the inconvenience" all day from 10 AM through noon, from 2PM through 5:50 PM (daylight time)...that's all during Adobe's working hours.

      A simple import yielded not grainy pictures--but no pix at all. There's several postings asking how to handle grainy pix, or other import issues, but I can't get to the answers.

      Sorrrrrrrrrry, but I'm getting dubious help from RoboHelp Help...which mentions JavaHelp, NetScape and Oracle "things" don't work. But no greater detail than that. I'm using Office 2007, IE 7, RH 7 and I'm glad it's the 30 day trial...sure, the Kadov tags are gone, but I'm not happy with the import results nor with the Publish Printed layout from RH--I get failures.

      The forum answers are out of reach for me. Is someone trying to tell me something?