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    Sharpen,shake reduction tool on AEB Merged images


      I can't seem to get the Filter-Sharpen-shake reduction to work on AEB images I've imported from Lightroom via the 'merge to HDR Pro Photoshop' function. I get a box saying 'unable to locate blur estimation regions'. Any idea why that is? (I'm new to Lightroom and Photoshop so apologies if thats a stupid question!)



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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          My guess would be that the shake reduction filter looks for motion blue in images and tries to correct that. With an HDR, you have multiple exposures that may or may not have the same type of motion blur, so the filter can't detect a general type of blur. Your options might be to manually select a small area that you want to try and sharpen, then repeat the process for various areas and make multiple layers that you can mask together. The other option would be to manually set the blur direction, but that's a bit tricky and the results may not be that great.