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    What happend to "subscription will bring faster updates" ???

    Tanja2014 Level 3

      i mean we all knew that is just stupid PR talk from adobe.


      but honestly the last update was in december 2016.


      there are unfixed bugs since that day and adobe did not care an iota about fixing them.

      not to mention releasing a feature update,


      adobe is making huge profits but for us users nothing changed to the better.

      adobe invests nothing in better telephone support and training of their support people.

      the hotline is still clueless on 80% of all things that you could not google in 5 minutes.


      so what to expect for the future. more new button designs?

      when will the next update be release?


      and don´t get me started with outdated lightroom...


      adobe is too busy collecting subscription money to do anything else?