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    How to set up Customer Attributes based on a profile parameter?

    xbarcelona Level 1

      Hi there


      I have a profile parameter named "P25" that is being captured by a dedicated mbox.

      I successfully created and configured customer attributes and used "profile.P25" as Alias ID, uploaded successfully a .csv, checked the schema and did ID lookups and finally subscribed the configuration to Target. So far everything worked great :-)


      In Target the different Customer Attributes pop up nicely in Audiences>Visitor Profiles.

      I created a new Audience based on one of these Customer Attributes with "...contains (case insensitive)...".

      Everything seemed to work nicely, however when creating and launching the corresponding Activity (either A/B or XT)

      the Targeting i.e. delivery does not work and shows me default :-(

      I read in the help that "...the profile might not have been updated on the edge yet...ask your CRS team to update the feed..."(?)

      However, I wonder if I did everything right and suspect the Alias ID to be the root cause for this not working?

      What is wrong here?

      How can I debug this?

      Can anyone help?


      Thank you very much