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    Mixing Video and Animation



      I have the following Question:

      I often mix video with animation.

      The way I usually work is to turn my video file (mp4) into a FLV file, place it on the timeline and export the result as a video.


      Sadly the new versions of Media Encoder don't support FLV anymore (Adobe claims the format is obsolete).


      The only other format I can place is H.264, however I can't export the footage. I could of course rebuild everything in Premiere, but since I need to constantly export test versions, this would completely break my workflow.

      Is there another way I can import video and export the mix of animation/video as a video file? Or is Adobe planning a new feature that would replace the FLV format?


      To clarify my question:

      This is an example of the kind of work that requires this technique.


      Also: I've tried animating in Photoshop, but the limits (keyframes, nesting symbols etc) make it unusable for complex projects.

      I've also tried After Effects, but AE is built for vector/tween based animations and is not suited for classic frame by frame cartoons.


      Thank you for you help!


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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There isn't a way to combine H.264 with animation. You don't have to recreate everything in Premiere, just export video from Animate and place that video in a layer on top of your existing video.


          The H.264 that you use in Animate can be low quality, you're only using it for timing. Then in Premiere you can be using your high quality original video, which need not be H.264. When you have the animation on top of that video you can then export the two combined into one H.264.


          I know that it would be nice to export straight from Animate, but then you would be recompressing the H.264, which wouldn't be as good quality as going straight from your original high quality video. Also, Animate doesn't export H.264 anyway, so it would require QuickTime and would export a very large MOV file, which you would have to send through Adobe media Encoder anyway, just like you would when going from Premiere.

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            christophn37095807 Level 1

            Thank you Colin. I know quality is an issue. But the two step exporting makes it very cumbersome.

            What puzzles me is that FLV is discontinued without a replacement that has the same functionality.


            (I just tested that method again, and the deal breaker isn't even the exporting, but the fact that I can't even preview the animation (Command-return), so I can't see how Movie Clips behave in relation to the video, unless I properly export the whole project).

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Quality wise you wouldn't have wanted to do that with FLV, unless it was for perhaps a web activity where the quality didn't have to be the very best.


              If you subscribe to Creative Cloud you can install older versions of apps, like Flash Pro CS6 for example. That includes Adobe Media Encoder CS6 (which does not appear in the old version list for AME itself). That's what I do, and then use AME CS6 for making FLVs.

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