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    Flash Crashes Importing Image Sequence

      When importing a long sequence of images, Flash crashes. I want to import 750 images, each about 100kb.

      I have to keep splitting it up into sequences of 50 images to import. I then have to save the file, allow it to crash with the subsequent import (simply closing the FLA doesn't work) and then continue with the next 50 images to import, save, repeat, continue, ,,,, . Each time it crashes, the "working" dialogue box appears and then Vista closes Flash. This problem never occurred with XP.

      I have changed, in my preferences, my undo level to 2 (from 300) and made sure my clipboard is at the maximum 5000kb ... but this makes no difference. I have about 25GB of spare hard drive, 2GB of RAM, etc. - but when watching the task manager, Flash doesn't try to use much more RAM anyway. (( oh and my processor is 2x2.2GHz Duo2 Thing ))

      This is highly annoying and wasting a lot of time. Eventually I will (like yesterday) get all the images into the FLA. Why can't Flash import all 740 at once ? Why the need for it to crash ? Can anyone help ? ;-)

      Many thanks in advance for any help (( and I've searched for an existing string on this, but didn't find one which applied - sorry if it already exists )).

      [ using : Flash CS3 Version 9 on Windows Vista Professional with all the latest updates ]