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    Installing Problem


      Hello everyone. I am facing a  big problem to install flash player. Flash Player is already install on my laptop. but when ever i try to watch online news, it crash and ask me to install flash player. I can not understand why i am facing this kind of problem. I can easily watch youtube video, but when ever i try to watch some video from [moderator: link deleted] this sites. my flash player goes crash. Is it this website's problem or my flash player need updation.?

      Please help me. Thanks in Advance

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          YouTube defaults to HTML5 video and has done so for quite some time.  To verify if YouTube is using Flash or HTML5 video right-click on the video to show the context menu.  If it doesn't display the Flash context menu (it'll display the Flash version installed) then the video is not Flash, but HTML5.


          If the site you posted does indeed contain Flash content post a direct link to the Flash content.  Do not post a top-level link to a page that does not contain Flash content and force those attempting to help you to navigate through your site to find the Flash content.


          Also provide the following information:

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            crazzlep76080767 Level 1

            Ok. thanks for your response. i will tell you all detail. but i dont have any direct link of video from that website. that website has random videos on some posts so its very difficult to find out the direct link