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    Loading plugins under Windows 10

    owita Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I developed some plugins, which work well on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 for Illustrator CC 2017 and CC 2015.3.

      Recently I tried to run the plugins on a Windows 10 machine (CC 2017 and CC 2015.3). When I start Illustrator a message "Error loading plugins" appears. The same message appears even for tutorial plugins of the SDK. I tried the same on a second Windows 10 machine with the same result.


      Do you have any suggestions?

      Is there some logging file, where Illustrator logs more detailed information during the launch process?


      Many thanks and best regards


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          LeoTaro Level 4

          Probably because the Windows 10 machines don't have the required Microsoft visual studio runtime dlls installed. The best solution is to build with the static versions of the libraries (Configuration Properties | C/C++ | Code Generation | Runtime Library)

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            owita Level 1

            Thank you for the answer. Indeed, the problem was caused by missing dll files. I forgot, that my plugin used an additional custom dll file. I provided the file and additionally built the plugin using the static linking. After that the plugin could be loaded successfully. But only in the release mode. It was still not possible to debug the plugin on the Windows 10 machine. Installing the Windows 10 SDK solved that problem.

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