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    SwapDepth in numerical order!

    BackStreet Seahorse
      Hi, I'm working on a project and I've broken it down so it will be easier to manage. The first thing I want to do is:

      I'd like to have 3 movieclips (more eventually but I'll start with 3) that are numbered, 1, 2, 3 in their instance name. They will each overlap.

      I want a button that will, when pressed, change the stacking order of the movieclips in order of number. It will start with 1, and when the button is pressed number 2 will be placed above, and so on.

      When number 3, or whatever the highest movie is, is above the others, I would like the process to start again, so that when the button is clicked, movie number 1 will have the highest stacking order, and so on.

      This is just the first part of my project, and hopefully I'll learn alot from any help I get.