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    Thumbnail issues for youtube


      Hi wondering if anyone can help me with resolution issues I am having with creating thumbnails in photoshop, I am using the recommended settings of 1280x720 and then under resolution it's 72, pixels and white background. By the time I have edited the picture, I come out with a file size like 5-6mb which is to big to upload to youtube as limit is 2mb.


      I try and pick a file size that matches to begin with 1280x720 dimensions and then for example a file size of 500kb, Can anyone tell me what I maybe doing wrong to come out with such a big file size at the other end. I used an older version of photoshop in the past and never had these issues, but with latest version I am having issues getting file size right.


      Anyone who could point me in the right direction your help would be much appreciated.