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    Flash v2 components not supported in Director?!

      This official document that came with Director 10.1.1, here at http://www.adobe.com/support/director/flash_8_asset_xtra.pdf , states:

      "The following Flash Player 8 features are not supported in the Flash Asset Xtra for Flash
      Player 8.
      ■ Version 2 components
      ■ Accessibility code
      ■ ExternalInterface class"

      Version 2 components?!!? This renders all the user interface components of Flash useless?! And also all of Director's built-in Flash components too?!?

      Now I've been having major reliability issues with some v2 components within a Flash asset (in particular, the Tree component and ComboBo when setting the rowCount property). I've been getting projector freezes on many winXP machines, so there may be some truth to this.

      Anybody else know more?