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    Flash Installer

      Hi, I've had some major troubles with the flash installer. It just doesn't run on my system. I'm using Windows XP and it tried to install,takes around 30 minutes, then completes, putting an 'X' (red cross) by all of the adobe flash installer products, without any explaination.

      I tried re-running it just now and get : "For installation to continue the following drive(s) need to have additional space freed C:\268.3 MB Additional Space Required"

      Which is nonesense because I have several gigabytes free on the C:\ driver and at least 2 gigabytes free on the remaining two drives. The installer file I downloaded was about 500 meg or so. There is no way in hell that will decompress to more than 2GB no matter what algorithm you are using.

      Getting frustrated, starting to wonder if Adobe really know what they are doing with the Macromedia products.