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    After Effects - how do I add an imported multi-layer Illustrator file to timeline of existing AE project and have the layers displayed?



      I don't know whether this forum is for beginners' questions, but here goes. All the tutorials on Youtube and elsewhere that I have found always show single project/composition scenarios where, once the Illustrator file has been imported as composition - retain layers sizes, the file is either clicked on or moved to the composition window and it appears in the timeline showing all its layers. If however I import a file into an existing AE project and then move it to the composition window or timeline the layers are not displayed. The only way to display the layers is to click on the layer but this then creates an extra composition displayed in isolation so that if, for example, I want to move the arms of the character to interact with another object, the rest of the scene is not visible for this to be done accurately. I'm sure this is pretty basic but I can't find a way round it from the information online so any help would be greatly appreciated.