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    Photoshop CC 2017 "Export As" Bug

    seanwickett Level 1



      Here's the setup:


      1. I have a cropped image, where the cropped pixels are NOT deleted. I have to export a part of the image and then step back to repeat with another section of said image.


      2. Typically, the cropped image is REDUCED in size via the Export As function. It's a PNG with transparency turned on by default, Bicubic Automatic.


      3. Should the cropped image be ENLARGED in size instead, it goes haywire.


      On Windows (7) the resulting PNG is cropped to size but the ART is NOT SCALED. Ok, it's a little hard to describe and I wish I kept a resulting image to post today (this happened yesterday) but now I'm on a Mac (10.10.5) and I'm finding something similar but different.


      I go thru the same process, and instead of being cropped, the entire image is exported to the new scale:   >100%. The cropped pixels are visible.


      So again, I crop an image (for eg. originally 10,000(+/-) pixels wide 72ppi, cropped pixels are not deleted) to focus on one area. The resulting image is, for e.g., 3,500px wide. If I scale to less than 100%, for example 85%, everything is fine: Image exports, 2,975px wide, looks great. Happy me.


      If I set the scale to 110%, for e.g., instead of scaling the 3,500px wide image up 110% (to 3850px wide) the cropped area is ignored and the whole image (10,000px wide) is exported to an image 11,000px wide. This is what's happening on my Mac.


      I don't have access to my Windows 7 machine today to give a proper description of the result, but trust me, it is janky and the results are unexpected.


      If I use "Export for Web (Legacy)" the result is what I expect. The cropped image is the 3850px wide image I wanted.


      Whew, I hope I explained it properly.


      Has anyone else experienced this and/or is it a known bug?



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If the object is on a transparent background the png file may have been trimmed to the object bounds.  This may be correct operation it depends on how export as was designed to work.  Other Photoshop features do trim transparency like copy paste and place.


          None delete cropped pixels would be like transparent pixels and if trim is how Export as was designed to work should be trimmed.





          I do not use Export As so I just made some test.  Export as PGN does not trim.  I also remember other threads here where the exported file get the wrong canvas size or the wrong size is shown in the export as dialog.  Bug report have been accepted  Adobe  as far as I know is working on that bug. Export As is a faily new feature in Photoshop. Do as I do use save as

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            seanwickett Level 1

            Thanks for letting me know a bug has been reported.


            For my workflow Save As won't work for me. The legacy "Save For Web" works ok. 'Export As...' is a few steps faster than that but acceptable.

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              timbennettcreative Level 1

              I'd like to pile in here to add my frustration about the 'Export As' tool.


              How is this feature so insanely inconsistent while 'Save For Web' is labelled as "legacy"?


              I've just been trying to export layered HTML5 banner frames as PNGs and either text loads in a random spot within the 300x250px image, or the image just crops in at random sizes within the 300x250px frame.


              It's unreliable to the point of slowing my workflow down when exporting images from Photoshop, so it'd be great to see these bugs fixed after what feels like years, or some more love given to the Save For Web tool.