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    FLV and SWF

      I have 5 SWF files (each is apprx. 5 minutes long). I have the ablilty to convert them to flv files.

      The problem I am having is that it takes too long to load. you can see here:
      "Part 1" is the only one working right now.

      My question is twofold: How do I make it load faster? Should I used a flv (which i really know nothing about) instead?[
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          FLV is mainly for bringing playable video into Flash. If you content is frame based animation or video, try FLV and just test it. It won't too long to compare.
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            Shandy Elliott Level 1
            There is no URL associated to your "LINK". You can't make it load "faster". Content will only load as fast as their internet connection allows. What do you have in these 5 swf files? Do you have a preloader on any of them? If you convert them to flv, you can at least stream the content while it's still loading so it doesn't have to completely load before the content plays. The best answer really depends on what each swf file consists of.
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              It's an audio/video file from a nightly newscast.

              I do not have a preloader. How do I develop that?

              I think I need the FLV files. I just dont know how to install them. I have the files converted to FLV.
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                CHAOS'|nc. Level 1
                Did you try to convert it using an external application?
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                  Yes. I am using a Video to Flash Converter i downloaded.
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                    Shandy Elliott Level 1
                    I'm confused. If the video is from a nightly news cast, how are they in swf format (as you said in your first post)? They should already be in an avi, flv, mov, etc format - not swf. How did you get them - where? You don't need to convert them from video to Flash. They should be in flv format by converting them using Adobe's Flash to Video converter (that's if they are truly in swf format).

                    You don't need to "install" an flv file - actually you wouldn't install it, but import it into a flash document, but you don't even need to do that. You should use the netStream Class. Refer to another post of mine http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=15&catid=194&threadid =1384971&highlight_key=y&keyword1=netStream to get a better understanding. If you search in Flash's help, they even give you an example on how to utilize a preloader for this.
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                      they were in avi form. I converted them to Flash. The Video to Flash converter also gives you the option to transfer to FLV. I did that as well.

                      So now I have this Link It is the HTML file it gave me upon converting to FLV.
                      The actual swf file is titled "Haley_part_1.swf"
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                        Shandy Elliott Level 1
                        Are you using GeoVid's converter or Adobe's? Use Adobe's converter to create flv. Once you have an flv, if you follow the steps in my previous post (referencing another post), that will give you the steps to create a flash document which loads an flv file. You can also create control buttons for the video in Flash.

                        The new link you provided shows nothing but white space. Did you also upload the folder Scripts/AC_RunActiveContent.js?
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