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    Runtime Error in RH 2015 when Inserting Images

    sharris25 Level 1

      This issue just started today. Each time I try to insert an image in an existing RoboHelp project, I get the following error:

      Then, of course, the project completely crashes. To give some more information, this is an RH project that was recovered from one that became lost due to a previous laptop crashing. The project has been working fine along with publishing and inserting images until today. I use SnagIt to capture images and save them right within the RoboHelp project's folder and I set the DPI on images to 300 so they scale appropriately within the project. The RoboHelp project is saved on a folder on my company's network. The recovered project contained several images from the old project which I had to change out and I kept the same naming convention on some.


      The error is not consistent but happens the majority of the time. It displays when adding images and sometimes even when just opening the project.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm on a tight deadline to get a major project done. Thanks in advance!


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