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    ACR 9.12.1 Sigma 12-24 f. 4 lens profile/Canon 1 D Mk lV profile...

    JoernR Level 1

      When 'trying' to apply a lens correction for the Sigma 12-24 f. 4, the only lens listed is the previous 12-24 f. 4.5-5.6., which is not very similar. The f. 4 lens was added to CC in version 9.8 so I'm not sure why It's not showing in ACR  Lens Corrections. Anyone have any ideas/tips on how to add it (or find it?). Also, while I can find that lens in the Filter-Lens Correction, it does not list my camera model (Canon 1 D Mk lV) which has a different sensor size to the other cameras listed there. Any ideas on this one?